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The Conference Every Mega-Church Pastor Should Attend

  Warren Throckmorton posted a transcript of a mega-pastor who explained to his church why he would not be with them personally at almost every weekend service. Instead he will preach on stage the first weekend service and then the remaining … Continue reading

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Mark Driscoll’s Demons – the false doctrine of the Mars Hill demon trials

Mark Driscoll and his various churches’ leadership teams hold demon trials, claiming to be able to bind demons and order them around. From this report and some of the comments in response, though, it turns out that it’s the Christians who attend … Continue reading

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The University That Might Want To Stop Calling Itself A University

Recent events at a well-known Christian school got me thinking about proper naming and free speech issues in the kingdom of God. What Christians Call Their Institutions Matters Cedarville University has been going through big changes over the past couple … Continue reading

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The Mega-Pastor and the Best Seller List – a parable

This parable is based on events reported by Warren Throckmorton. *** There once was a man who wrote a book. This man was a pastor of a church with thousands of people. He wanted his book to be read by even more … Continue reading

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