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Race, Gender, and Getting Called a Sissy

I write a lot about egalitarianism and how right doctrine builds up women and men in the family of God, and I expect to take it on the chin once in a while when someone who ascribes to male superiority … Continue reading

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Why Do So Many White Evangelicals Fear Becoming a Minority?

Population demographics are interesting things. At one time there were no white people on this continent, then there were a few, and then the population of what would become the United States became majority white. Now the numbers are shifting … Continue reading

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Why Black Student Unions Are Necessary and White Student Unions Aren’t

My high school in the mid-70s had a diverse student body. It was majority white with significant numbers of Hispanic, African-American, Asian and Filipino students, plus a smaller number of Americans from other heritages. The school had a lot of … Continue reading

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Race, Marriage and Ministry – When the Church Got it Wrong, and How to Get it Right

[Today’s guest post is from Nancy Le. You can follow her on Twitter, but read her post here on race and the Church first!] Race, Culture and People Making Problems There’s a problem in the church for interracial couples. Add … Continue reading

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Injustice and Sexism – Two for Tuesday

[I had two guest posts go up yesterday. In the first, Natasha Robinson asked me to join her in a series on pursuing God’s justice on her blog A Sista’s Journey. Below is the opening, with a link to read … Continue reading

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Another Sign of the End of the World – A non-white woman won the Miss America Pageant

According to some pundits, the weather forecast tonight is for the sky to fall. These self-appointed officials also apparently intend to announce that the End Of The World has been scheduled for later this week. It has all been precipitated, they insist, by … Continue reading

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White Privilege – You’re white? What are you going to do about that?

I have something my wife doesn’t have. No, I’m not talking about a Y chromosome (although it’s true she doesn’t have one). What I have I didn’t ask for, I didn’t earn, and I don’t deserve. White privilege. That’s what … Continue reading

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50 Years After MLK’s March On Washington: The Color Of Your Skin Matters To God

Today marks 50 years from the March on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his speech with the famous repeating line “I Have a Dream.” I was only three years old in 1963, so a personal memory is … Continue reading

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