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Racists and the Rejection of God

[Updated from the archives.] Some people are racist and embrace the label. They honestly think there’s a reason to feel that their own skin color makes them superior to people with a different skin color. Some of these racists even … Continue reading

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Racism, Sexism, and Getting Called a Sissy

I write a lot about egalitarianism and how right doctrine builds up women and men in the family of God, and I expect to take it on the chin once in a while when someone who ascribes to male superiority … Continue reading

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Running Like an Inflated Drunkard

[I have the pleasure of guest-posting at my friend* Bronwyn Lea’s place today. Here’s a sample, then click over to read the rest.] Contrary to the impression I might have given with posts on running a 6 mile obstacle course and … Continue reading

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The Punishment of Injustice

[From the archives. This first appeared as a guest post on Natasha Robinson’s blog.] *** “I hear you don’t like Mexicans.” He looked angry. “What?” I stood at my high school locker late that afternoon, the halls empty but for … Continue reading

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Race, Marriage and Ministry – When the Church Got it Wrong, and How to Get it Right

[Today’s guest post is from Nancy Le. You can follow her on Twitter, but read her post here on race and the Church first!] Race, Culture and People Making Problems There’s a problem in the church for interracial couples. Add … Continue reading

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My Wife and I Trained to Play Dirty

My wife and I got down and dirty. It was fun. There were mud pits to crawl through, cargo nets to climb, walls to scale, push-ups to push, hills to run up and down, and lots of sandy grit that … Continue reading

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They Want To Ruin My Marriage

[This is the article that started my guest posting, originally published by Jenny Rae Armstrong.] Equal Only If Separate? He sang while she played piano. It was a scene straight out of almost everyone’s church experience. They probably sounded wonderful, glorifying … Continue reading

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