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The Best Way to Share Writing on the Internet – a Lesson from Jane Austen on Plagiarism and Encouragement

Have you ever read someone’s blog or Facebook post, or perhaps even a short tweet, and thought it good enough to share? Please follow through on that thought. We appreciate it. But please do it in a way that encourages. … Continue reading

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Plagiarism, Apologies, and Pastoral Personalities

Pastoral Apologies – hypothetically speaking Let’s say a hypothetical mega-pastor/author is accused of plagiarizing material. Let’s also assume that there was no willful plagiarism, but the material still was not properly attributed to the original author. Which of these responses … Continue reading

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The Game is Rigged – Christian Leadership and Worship of the Almighty Dollar

Anyone who’s read the Old Testament knows the stories of Israel rejecting God while putting on a show of godliness. God didn’t like it: I hate, I despise your religious festivals; your assemblies are a stench to me. Even though you … Continue reading

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