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Treating Women as People Does Not Depend on Their Relationship to Men

Our expectations for how men should treat women are often stated in the negative — don’t abuse; don’t oppress; don’t sexually assault. These are obvious, bare minimum standards for male behavior that shouldn’t have to be stated, but here we … Continue reading

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Abuse Is Wrong Because Women Are People, Not Because You Have Daughters

CBE International hosts my post on women and men relating to each other in God’s family today. Here’s an excerpt, and you can click over to read the rest. Christian leaders will often appeal to men’s sense of responsibility for … Continue reading

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Harem Building – the revealing patriarchy at Paige Patterson’s seminary

There are men who preach that women are made by God to be subordinate to men in all matters – home or church, work or play. Some of these men run seminaries where they teach other men the same, and … Continue reading

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Authoritarian Husbands – the failure to follow Scripture and revere Christ

Tucked into a lengthy passage on how all who belong to Jesus are to submit to one another because of Jesus himself (Ephesians 5:18-6:9) is an interesting point about wives and husbands: For the husband is the head of the … Continue reading

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Mutual Submission and Mutual Humility – the way of women and men

[Christina Allen writes of her journey to understanding the mutual love, submission and humility called for by all who belong to God’s family, women and men alike.] One obstacle that many observant Christians seem to encounter in accepting feminist or … Continue reading

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Men Forcing Women to Do What they Say – the modern evil of the Billy Graham Rule

The Limitations of the Origin of the Billy Graham Rule When Billy Graham was on the evangelism circuit he was one of the most popular preachers in the United States, and known throughout the world for his multi-day events with … Continue reading

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Patriarchy Pastors Repent, Promote Women Preaching in Their Pulpits

[From the archives every April First.] In an abrupt about-face, a group of well-known mega-pastors have announced plans to welcome and promote women in all positions of church leadership. “There are so many passages of women leading men in the … Continue reading

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The Patriarchist’s Guide to Studying the Women of the Bible

*** This list isn’t far off the mark. See: Silencing Women – the guaranteed way for men to stay in control. ***

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Patriarchy on the Equality of Women and Men

A patriarchy paraphrase: Sadly, I’ve read too many people’s posts that can be distilled down to that meme. For a look at what the Bible really says about the roles of women and men in God’s kingdom, see: 1) Patriarchy … Continue reading

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Patriarchy Professor Proves Women Are Spiritual Leaders Over Men

[From the archives.] Wayne Grudem recently gave an interview (my thanks to Joan for linking to it) in which he argues that women should not lead men, that men are the spiritual leaders over women, and that all of this … Continue reading

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