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Cara Meredith: “Everything I Ever Needed to Know in Parenting I Learned from Tim Fall” (a guest post)

[I begged Cara Meredith to write a guest post. She did, sending me something I never expected: a beautiful Thank You Note that made me blush. She is quite an encourager as you will soon see. Everyone should be Cara’s … Continue reading

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Bad Parenting Advice That’s Worse Than Bad Parenting

[From the archives.] A few years ago Voddie Baucham made the outlandish claim that shyness is a sin. Then he said that when he sees a shy kid he knows better than the kid’s own parents how to fix that kid’s sin. … Continue reading

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Mega-Pastor Passes Judgment and Blames Mothers

[From the archives, a post that originally ran as a guest post at Julie Anne Smith’s Spiritual Sounding Board.] *** John Piper has a message for you moms whose kids don’t behave in public the way he thinks they should: if … Continue reading

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Piper and Baucham Mistake Coercion for Obedience (and it’s hurting families)

[I have a guest post up at Julie Anne’s blog Spiritual Sounding Board. Below is an excerpt, and I hope you click over to her place to read the rest.] Discernment Among the People of God A few years ago … Continue reading

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