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Abusing God’s Sovereignty – evil is always evil

Woe to those who call evil good     and good evil, who put darkness for light     and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet     and sweet for bitter. (Isaiah 5:20.) ***

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Lubricated Writing – the #1 tip for better writing sessions

To put it conversely: if you stop writing, you’ll stop writing. So don’t stop; keep writing! ***

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What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

[Updated from the archives.] *** The other day we looked at the words of the angel Gabriel to Mary, announcing to her God’s plans in her impending pregnancy. But some people aren’t so good at knowing what to say to … Continue reading

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The Art Of Cool: Top Tips On How To Be Hip, Today, With It, Now and Outasite!

[I’m guest posting at Nick McDonald’s Scribblepreach today, and it’s because of a suggestion he made. Here’s the opening of the post, and I hope you click through to his place to read the rest and then sample his great … Continue reading

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If Life Was Fair, We’d All Be Doomed

I love William Goldman’s The Princess Bride.* Most people who know the story know it from the movie. And many of them can toss off lines from it at the drop of a hat: “As you wish … .” “You … Continue reading

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What’s so Wrong With Complaining?

[Today’s guest post is from Nick McDonald. Many of you might remember when I wrote for Nick occasionally at his former blog. He took a hiatus for a bit, but is now back with a new site. Please visit him … Continue reading

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Advice for Those Married to Pregnant People

  Ever been married to a pregnant person? I have. Still am, as a matter of fact. Married to her, that is, not that she’s still pregnant. I remember some of the pregnant life vividly, and one moment always stands out … Continue reading

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Why Worry About Women?

[This article first appeared at Nick McDonald’s The Radical Journey, a blog I wrote for occasionally last year before starting my own here.] *** Why Worry About Women? There are two types of women in this world: those I know … Continue reading

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