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God in Three Persons – the doctrine of the Trinity is not as complicated as you think

[From the archives.] One way to understand Trinitarian doctrine is by seeing what it’s not, and one thing it’s not is modalism.* Modalism Works For Me Now before you cast me out as a heretic and declare me anathema, let … Continue reading

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Counting to Three – a lesson in one, two, Trinity

God in three Persons, blessed Trinity! (Reginald Heber, Holy, Holy, Holy) When Three is One Jesus is God. He prayed to his heavenly Father, who is God. And when Jesus was spending his last hours on earth with his friends, … Continue reading

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Three Reasons I Embrace Modalism, and a Trinity of Reasons I Do Not

Modalism: …taught that the three persons of the Trinity [are] different “modes” of the Godhead. Adherants believed that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not distinct personalities, but different modes of God’s self-revelation. A typical modalist approach is to regard God … Continue reading

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