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Ironic Detachment, The New Sincerity, And Me

I was recently introduced to the New Sincerity movement in a book review by Karen Swallow Prior where she explains it as, a trend within popular culture “that prioritizes the virtues of sincerity and authenticity over just about anything else” … Continue reading

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Irony in action – Explaining your “This” comment in a follow-up comment

Irony in Action I read a post the other day where one of the commenters wrote that single word at which we’ve all learned to cringe: This. I cracked up when that same commenter then immediately posted another comment to … Continue reading

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This Atheist Couldn’t Sing

[This first appeared as a guest post at Aimee Byrd’s Housewife Theologian. If you haven’t yet been reading her posts, you’ve been missing out!] Evensong at Canterbury I was an atheist. Raised in a liturgical church, by the time I finished … Continue reading

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Celebrating Suicide – Haters can be really hard to love

The Warren family lost a son last Friday. Their grief is surely rawer than anything I can imagine. Open wounds, an overwhelming weight bearing down on them, suffocation – whatever metaphor you bring to mind, they all must pale in comparison to … Continue reading

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Looking for Lust in All the Wrong Places

For those confused on the topic of lust, read these 8 short lines of Unapologetic. Gives new insight to Matthew 5:27-28, doesn’t it?

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