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Economics Lessons Are For The Birds

[From the archives.] Sparrows came cheap back in Bible times. Two for a penny. Makes them sound disposable, doesn’t it? But Jesus said that even for something so cheap, God follows the doings of each and every one, right up … Continue reading

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Super Soakers Are the Gateway Toy for Serial Killers

Here’s a fun year-end activity one school came up with for its students: exchange your toy guns for a book! As this article reports: Principal Charles Hill maintains that children who play with toy guns may not take real guns seriously. … Continue reading

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Beyond The Sword – a guest post from Michelle Van Loon

[One of the people whose writing I love to read is Michelle Van Loon. She contributes at her.meneutics (among other places) and blogs at Pilgrim’s Road Trip, and I am so pleased she sent this very personal piece to run … Continue reading

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The Silent Treatment – Effective, Appropriate, Biblical!

Sarah Beals posted a great piece on how to deal with difficult people. In How to Handle a Relationship You Wish Would Go Away, she discusses when to interact with difficult people and when it’s time to avoid them. There is … Continue reading

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