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Successful Worship Music Leaders Get Out of the Way

One Good Thing About Hymnals “One thing I like about hymnals,” the older church member told me, “is it gives me an idea of whether to go up or down when we sing a song.” He didn’t know how to … Continue reading

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Oh For a Thousand Posts (The Blogger’s Hymn)

*** Slide text: Oh for a thousand posts to blog My thoughts upon the page And spread through all the earth abroad My thoughts that aren’t so sage ***

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Modern Praise Music: It’s Not The Melody That Counts; It’s The Motive

The word motive can be understood to mean the reason someone does something, or the driving force behind an action. Motive: producing physical or mechanical motion. “motive power” causing or being the reason for something. “motive principle” When it comes … Continue reading

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Bad Christian Music (as in heresy-bad)

[From the archives.] *** I grew up in a liturgical church that sang songs out of a hymnal. A hymnal, kids, is a book containing songs written before you were born. A book is something people would read before the … Continue reading

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This Atheist Couldn’t Sing

[This first appeared as a guest post at Aimee Byrd’s Housewife Theologian. If you haven’t yet been reading her posts, you’ve been missing out!] Evensong at Canterbury I was an atheist. Raised in a liturgical church, by the time I finished … Continue reading

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God’s Lullaby

We were not one of those let-them-cry-it-out families. You know what I mean: if babies won’t go to sleep quietly then let them do it noisily. There are a lot of baby books that advise this, saying the child will eventually … Continue reading

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