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Heresy and Blasphemy in Counseling the Abused

[This post appeared three years ago and generated heart-wrenching comments from people who have similar experiences to that of the young woman mentioned in the opening paragraph. I thought it worth returning to.] A New York Times article included an alarming comment … Continue reading

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Bad Christian Music (as in heresy-bad)

[From the archives.] *** I grew up in a liturgical church that sang songs out of a hymnal. A hymnal, kids, is a book containing songs written before you were born. A book is something people would read before the … Continue reading

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Heresy, Blasphemy, and the Sexually Abused

I’ve read a New York Times article recently that included an alarming comment from a young woman who said she’d gone to a counselor at her Christian university regarding sexual assaults she’d suffered while young: The person who supposedly counseled me told me … Continue reading

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Three Reasons I Embrace Modalism, and a Trinity of Reasons I Do Not

Modalism: …taught that the three persons of the Trinity [are] different “modes” of the Godhead. Adherants believed that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not distinct personalities, but different modes of God’s self-revelation. A typical modalist approach is to regard God … Continue reading

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