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The Plain Meaning of Scripture – How a Woman Pastor Honors God’s Call

[Crystal Lutton’s guest post relates her journey to become a pastor and preacher and how she overcame opposition from those who said she must reject God’s call in her life.] When God first called me to ministry and told me … Continue reading

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The Top Test to Decide if a Woman’s Call to Be a Preacher Is Legitimate

There are people who insist women can’t be pastors, preachers and church leaders, claiming that the Bible forbids it. They set this up as a rule which cannot be violated. Another word for a rule that can’t be violated is … Continue reading

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God’s Calling – there’s no time like the present

[Please don’t read into this that I am saying we have no responsibility to train the next generation. Then again, my readers are way too smart to draw that conclusion form this meme.] ***

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Opinions and Armpits – more alike than you think

Fools find no pleasure in understanding     but delight in airing their own opinions. (Proverbs 18:2.) Don’t let any fool’s stinky opinion get in the way of doing what God has called you to do. ***

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The Right Teacher at the Right Time

[Today’s guest post on what it takes to teach is from Jeannie Prinsen, one of my favorite people to read on the internet. She’s taught writing and English for a long time now but here she reveals how it all … Continue reading

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