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Oppressing Women – a Coalition Built on False Premises

You read some things on line and know something’s off but can’t quite put your finger on it: The first thing I saw was that they equate a right understanding of doctrine with trust in God, and a wrong understanding … Continue reading

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See Me Naked?! Not if my gymnophobia has anything to say about it

I learned a new word: gymnophobia. It’s not a fear of gyms. It’s not an aversion to working out. It’s not hatred of a six month gym membership when your job got transferred and you still had five months left … Continue reading

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Food Styling and a Mouthful of Marbles

[This first appeared as a guest post I wrote for Rachel Stone’s blog last summer. She writes great stuff about faith and food and social justice, sometimes all at once!] Stylish Food My wife and I like to watch Food … Continue reading

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Rape Drugs, Roadside Stands, and Human Trafficking: There Are No Innocent Bystanders

[From the archives.] *** Un-Innocent Bystanders Earlier this month my son and I attended a conference entitled The Church and Human Trafficking. It made me think about Adam and Eve, but not the part about how everything was sinless and … Continue reading

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Hide in Christ and Seek His Joy

[Today’s guest post is by Gloria Furman, a wonderful writer who lives on the other side of the world from me. Her blog Domestic Kingdom is dedicated to discussing the question of what the gospel of Jesus Christ has to do … Continue reading

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Do Christians Have Questionable Motives?

“Motive” and “motion” derive from the Latin movere – “to move”. It makes sense, since all willful movement is motivated by something. Here’s a for instance: I love pizza, and am often motivated to eat some (in fact, I’m eating a … Continue reading

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