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Welcoming the Warning Signs

“Sir, you’ll need to leave the courtroom and wait in the hall.” The young man in the audience stared at me. “You can’t communicate with people in custody,” I said. “You need to leave now.” He stood up just as … Continue reading

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Why Struggling Against Sin Is Better Than You Think

“I’m still dealing with the same sins I’ve had all my life.” “Join the club.” “But you don’t know the sins I’m still committing.” “I don’t have to. I’ve got my own.” “Not like mine, you don’t.” “Right. Yours are … Continue reading

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Running Like an Inflated Drunk

[From the archives.] Contrary to the impression I might have given with posts on running a 6 mile obstacle course and a half-marathon in the Happiest Place on Earth, I am not wont to join a few thousand strangers in … Continue reading

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How I Got by with a Lot of Help from My Friends

Many of you know that my father took a horrible fall last summer and we weren’t sure he’d survive the emergency neurosurgery that spanned the night, let alone ever recover well enough to live on his own again. I felt … Continue reading

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A Half Birthday List Is Better Than None

I had no idea half birthdays existed until I met the woman who would become my wife. She not only celebrates people’s birthdays but also the point in the year half-way to their next birthday. Well, as someone who thinks … Continue reading

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Cara Meredith: “Everything I Ever Needed to Know in Parenting I Learned from Tim Fall” (a guest post)

[I begged Cara Meredith of “Be Mama, Be” to write a guest post. She did, sending me something I never expected: a beautiful Thank You Note that made me blush. She is quite an encourager as you will soon see. Everyone should be Cara’s … Continue reading

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Does God Have Too Many Friends?

Friends affect our brains. Not just our thoughts, but our actual brains. There’s a correlation between the size of a person’s social network and the size of portions of that person’s brain. Live Science reported on a recent study about friendships … Continue reading

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