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The Power of a Teaching Woman

[Olivia Grigg’s guest post on her own experiences learning from women show why we should all be willing to learn from women and men both. ] *** My life has been filled with strong and creative women and men who … Continue reading

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Conference Organizers Tell Men: Your Wives Aren’t Welcome Here

The Shepherds’ Conference makes no bones about it: women are not welcome. This leadership conference is by men, for men, and about men because only men can be leaders by their way of thinking. Men who attend can’t even bring … Continue reading

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Pastors: Stop Disrespecting Women With Your Chauvinistic Name-Calling

Treat … older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters … . (Paul’s advice to a young pastor, 1 Timothy 5:1-2.) *** Jen Wilkin wrote a post for The Gospel Coalition on how men pastors can better relate to … Continue reading

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When Women Speak, Men Ought To Listen

[I am so glad to host Laura Droege. She’s a wonderful writer who touches upon the vulnerabilities of life and the strength of faith, and I practically leapt out of my seat as I finished reading this piece she’s given us … Continue reading

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Putting The Comp/Egal Debate In Its Place

Aimee Byrd and Laura Martin are two of the most thoughtful writers I read. They tackle hard subjects relating to faith and doctrine, family and relationships, culture and society. They have taught me much through their scholarly and yet extremely … Continue reading

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Complementarian Doctrine Does Not Take Precedence Over The Gospel

David Platt delivered a sermon in a chapel service at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary last month. He preached: “The gospel is most clear in the world when a man and a woman come together in the one-flesh union of marriage and unite … Continue reading

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When Motorcycle Mechanics Pose Like Motorcycle Models, The Body Of Christ Is Blessed

[I have a guest post at The Junia Project today. I’ve included the opening here, and hope you’ll click on over to their site to read the rest.] My long-time friend Karen Dabaghian linked to this Huffington Post slide show … Continue reading

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The Pope on Gay Priests, Women Priests and What it Means for Mariolatry

Someone asked Pope Francis this week about the future of gay priests in the Catholic Church. He answered: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” Good for him. Since … Continue reading

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