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Five Ways To Handle People You Disagree With

There are two types of people on the internet: 1) Those who agree with me. 2) Those who disagree with me. Still, do they all need a response from me? Is it my job to set everyone else straight? Engagement … Continue reading

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Best Ways Parents Can Annoy Their Kids On Facebook!

From our friends at Blimey Cow: I have never done one of these things. Not that I haven’t thought of some of them, but I’ve shown admirable restraint. Now let me tell you about that time my kids … ***

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Sunday Funnies – On Not Feeding Internet Trolls

Blimey Cow analyzes the futility of internet arguments. Be sure to watch to the end for the big reveal of the source of all internet trolls. Lesson learned. Thanks, Blimey Cow! ***

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How to not date someone*

Someone likes you. You don’t like them back. It’s never easy, but in this video it sure can be funny. (From the fun folks at Blimey Cow.) *** *There seems to be a theme in today’s posts. 10,000 interwebz** to … Continue reading

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Sunday Funnies – Best Christianese Video I’ve Ever Seen

From the funny folks at Blimey Cow: ***

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