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I Figured This Might Happen

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My Natal Speed Limit Issue

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There I Go, Breaking the Speed Limit … Again

Seems to be happening about this time every year lately. ***

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Today’s My Spiritual Birthday

[This day marks the day I was born. Not in the traditional sense. That actually comes in another 20 days. But in a much more real – in a truly eternal sense – this is the date of my birth. … Continue reading

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A Half Birthday List Is Better Than None

I had no idea half birthdays existed until I met the woman who would become my wife. She not only celebrates people’s birthdays but also the point in the year half-way to their next birthday. Well, as someone who thinks … Continue reading

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My Journey From Junior Judge to Senior Sage – 20 years on the bench

Last summer marked my 20th year as a judge. Today marks my 56th birthday. You know that means I have a lot of cause to reflect on the passing years. Not that I did, though. Reflect, that is. Not until … Continue reading

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Sunday Celebrations

Today is my wife’s birthday. It’s also my daughter’s birthday. No they aren’t the same age. Anyone else know of a parent/child shared birthday?

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Breastfeeding Birthday Pizza

The wife and mother of three just wanted to celebrate her birthday at a local pizza joint, but her kids were a bit distracting. “It was chaotic—I had one kid licking the honey container on the table, another standing on his … Continue reading

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Sunday Birthday Greetings

In honor of your host’s birthday* I offer this from Awkward Family Photos, which included this explanation from the submitter: “Our loving mother scheduled our youngest sister’s wisdom teeth extraction on her sixteenth birthday. Here she is celebrating afterwards. Cake, … Continue reading

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