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The Burger Joint and Misbegotten Notions of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

[In today’s guest post, Tara Galles provides a brief memoir of a lifetime learning and unlearning gender roles both inside and outside the church.] Blonde Jokes at the Burger Joint It’s silly to play the dumb blonde when you’re not. … Continue reading

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Manliness and Femininity: the lies of “Biblical Gender Roles”

They say there’s an exception to every rule, which makes me wonder: And what happens when there are so many exceptions they end up swallowing the rule altogether? Exceptional women? For those who teach that the Bible requires certain roles and functions … Continue reading

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Biblical Femininity Is A Lie

Laura Martin just posted a review of Biblical Femininity, Discovering Clarity and Freedom in God’s Design for Women. She ably discusses the book’s premises, pointing out that its reliance on weak exegeses leads to weakly supported conclusions on the role of women … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day and the Myth of the Proverbs 31 Woman

[This originally appeared at Think Christian, whose editor is gracious and generous in allowing me to write for occasionally. While originally focusing on parenthood generally, I thought it appropriate for a Mother’s Day re-run.] *** A recent Pew Research survey about … Continue reading

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Biblical Womanhood Is Nothing (And Neither Is Biblical Manhood)

Biblical Womanhood is a loaded phrase. Some people think it means a woman like this and others this woman. Biblical Manhood is like that too, causing some people to think of this guy and others to think of this one. … Continue reading

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