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Social Media Is Like Fast Food – Don’t Get Stuck by Yourself in the Drive-Through

[April Fiet’s guest post considers fast food and social media, life and companionship, and finds a way through to spiritual health and being a good neighbor.] In the course of an especially busy week, I have found myself in the … Continue reading

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Pastoring, Parenting, and Best-Laid Plans

[Today’s guest post is from April Fiet. She’s wise, caring and knows how to put the two together.] When my oldest child was a few months old, I took him to the nursery at our church for the first time. … Continue reading

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Fear Not the Weirdful

Thanks to April Fiet, a new word has entered my lexicon and I couldn’t wait to use it in a sentence, like this: Solidarity, fellow weirdful ones, solidarity. ***

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Why is drinking coffee like going to the chiropractor?

April Fiet is one funny pastor. ***

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Doesn’t Everyone Want A Front Row Seat?

I taught the high school class at church for years. No one sat in the front row. Why we even set up a front row of chairs is a mystery, but I suppose if we didn’t then the second row would … Continue reading

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