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Pastor Tells Descendants Of Slaves It Wasn’t As Bad As They Think

[U.S. history includes the history of enslaving black people in America, justified solely on the basis of the color of their skin. Sadly, prominent American pastor Doug Wilson has tried to rewrite that history. So in light of February being … Continue reading

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When Liberty is Tyranny, and Tyranny is Liberty

Abraham Lincoln, a master of words, considered the ability to communicate through speech must be a gift of God rather than something humans invented on their own: But whether Divine gift, or invention, it is still plain that if a mode … Continue reading

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The Fierce Convictions of Hannah More – a review of Karen Swallow Prior’s biography of a poet, reformer and abolitionist

A Consecrated Pen In Fierce Convictions – The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More: Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist (2014, Thomas Nelson), Karen Swallow Prior presents the life of a woman described by John Newton as wielding “a consecrated pen.” One might be tempted … Continue reading

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