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How a Literal Reading of Scripture Leads to Universalism

Christian theologians use the word “universalism” to refer to the teaching that all people are saved by Jesus’ works whether they are Christians or not. Christian Universalism is focused around the idea of universal reconciliation, also known as universal salvation … Continue reading

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Silencing Women – the guaranteed way for men to stay in control

Silencing Women in the Name of Religion Last month patriarchal pastor Tim Bayly called out two women for supposedly overstepping their role, for doing “men’s work” instead of staying in their place. When women such as Dr. Valerie Hobbs and … Continue reading

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Conference Organizers Tell Men: Your Wives Aren’t Welcome Here

The Shepherds’ Conference makes no bones about it: women are not welcome. This leadership conference is by men, for men, and about men because only men can be leaders by their way of thinking. Men who attend can’t even bring … Continue reading

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