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  1. Just dropping a message re guest blog you suggested re spouses, purchases and harmony!
    Am working on it. Do I send here?

    • Tim says:

      This email address is the right one, Sarah. Looking forward to it!

      • Sarah Tun says:

        OKAY, Tim – long overdue perhaps but here’s the guest post you suggested. I am sending the attachment but you can also find it on one of my blogs (posted today): – Christian I have another blog too: – Christian flavour because that’s ‘me’ but not overtly Christian.

        God bless… I continue to enjoy your blogs. Sent to my husband (who is an English-trained barrister).

        In due course, I’d be grateful if you could please confirm receipt of this email.


        On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 9:53 AM, Tim’s Blog – Just One Train Wreck After Another wrote:

        > ** > Tim commented: “This email address is the right one, Sarah. Looking > forward to it!”

  2. Josh says:

    Hey Tim-
    I commented on UncleE’s blog about the problems with describing the OT representations of God and his judgment as somehow erroneous. You commented back, and later mentioned that you had given up trying to find “emotionally satisfying” answers to some of these questions. I was just hoping to engage you in a dialogue about how you have dealt with this. I’m convinced that to chuck out pieces of scripture because I don’t like how it represents God is to start down a path of eventual rejection of Christianity as a whole, which I desperately don’t want to do. Anyway, as a relatively young Christian hungry for conversation and searcching for truth, I was hoping to get some pointers on how you’ve come to where you are and how you manage conversations with others. And, how much you engage others in conversations where they might be mistaken. Thanks.

    • Tim says:

      Josh, I am so glad you stopped by!

      You’ve got some good questions, and I think to start I should say that where I am now is not where I was when I first became a Christian almost 30 years ago. Now I do a lot more resting in Jesus and a lot less worrying about what it means to live and talk like I belong to him. That also comes out in how I talk to others. I know what the Bible says, I know about my own relationship with Jesus, and I just talk to others based on what all this means for who I am. I don’t get wigged if people don’t like what that means, because I figure it’s up to the Holy Spirit to work things to the Father’s glory. It’s certainly not my job!


  3. Josh says:

    Thanks, Tim.
    I think I just have a lot more growing to do. Right now I feel like I have to answer all the atheist questions, and all the contradictions they point out in scripture. And, if they totally discredit my position I do feel emotionally beaten. Is there anything you read or watched that helped you to realize, in reall emotional terms, that you didn’t need to convince others of the things you see to be true?
    Again, thanks so much for the communication. It’s nice to know someone has been here and has gotten past to “resting in Jesus”. That sounds nice 🙂

    • Tim says:

      I saw that you visited the Convincing Atheists post I wrote, josh. If you want something meatier, I’d suggest C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy ( Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra – Voyage to Venus, and That Hideous Strength) It’s sci-fi but in the three stories the characters show what it means to live in God’s kingdom without concern for whether anyone else thinks it’s true or not. And it’s really good writing to boot.

  4. Tim, I’m fascinated by your comments about C.S. Lewis and Women posted on CT. Can we “chat” via email about this? I’m eager to find out if you’ve written much about him.

    • Tim says:

      I haven’t, Carolyn, but if you visit my friend Crystal Hurd’s website you’ll see some of the best writing on Lewis available on the web:

      (Sorry this reply took so long. I tend to forget this contact page exists sometimes!)

  5. david and amy says:

    We have just discovered your website – starting with how to handle a temper tantrum. It has been quite entertaining while pointantly pointing out the obvious in a way that cuts, but doesn’t hurt because you laugh at yourself. We give thanks to God for you – for your subsequent posts that we’ve been able to read and watch this morning. We can’t stop laughing and are deeply grateful. We look forward to what God continues to place on your heart to write and share.

  6. Bobbie says:

    Tim: your july 30, 2018 post THANK YOU! By the way like the word TROLL=GREAT. Also, 10 Lies the Church Tells Women/Lies Men Believe based on former church. Sorry to say I’m usually to brutal for most webites been exposing church abuse for over 50 years and as 2 Thess 2:9-10 most can’t handle the truth (like spiritual sounding board noticed she removed most of her prophetic type bloggers that used to post=sad). Problem with 10 Lies is he doesn’t name names although was told recently because of lawsuit as I have a cousin who published a book and said why she couldn’t name. so better to stay anonymous because name names and send out to Report Church Abuse List which is on under John Paul Jackson search name under Tammy’s Lament. My experience is JUST give them the Bible=Word. Like a friend and I have been talking of late majority of Churches and Pastors are more satanic than Christian. Note: Comments on “Does Benny Hinn Deserve More Consideration than Jesus” by cultnews (Google and read and only 9 comments he did not post my brutal comment though really exposing culture line for line of websites that expose horrific abuses and luciferian regimes are funding churches have that entire Blog printed outed since it was removed and made sure my entire email list had for posterity sake and education (75 comments). I’m always saying this, how come Black Op’s (modern day Jason Bourne’s) know who satanic pastors are but NOT the church?. Small list is in the book Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips look at Behold a Pale Horse by William (Bill) Cooper as he was heralding and exposing the school shootings 23 years ago his payback for writing the book was to be killed and The Planned Destruction of America by James W. Wardner along with David Kupelian reads (items worked on over the years are in). I see the church as a self-serving organization, God doesn’t get any money but the prostituting and the whoring of his name and who he is and most of these guys are sociopaths/psychopaths (just google that article the difference between). Written about 4-5 books which David Wilkerson had them all as he wrote Troublemakers in the Church 1988 and redone 6/2007 and he would try and fly in and correct to NO AVAIL MEANING NO CHANGE. To most of these narcissistic tweebs the false church is a business and your not going to mess with that they care nothing about healthy people and or families. BEEN AT IT FOR YEARS. “as the church goes, so goes the world” by Leonard Ravenhill and add if the world is corrupt it’s because the church is=oh definitely. THE CHURH IS NOT IN CORRECT BIBLICAL ORDER AND Arthur Katz (Art) who also wrote under Aaron and Arthur Aaron Katz wrote about that in The Prophetic Call (true/false prophets) and Apostolic Foundations. TRUE APOSTOLIC GUARD, GUIDE AND PROTECT THE PROPHETIC AND ARE DOING THE GOD OF THE BIBLE AND WOULD HAVE HEALTHY FAMILIES, PEOPLE. Also, I come out of Foursquare (dead person which would be a demon would tell Aimee to start the movement there had to be insanity in your family to stay in this self-serving smarmy pyramid scheme), Assassins of God believe founded by Mormon run no different and they have an over 60 year horrific pedophile cover-up in Hillsong alone along with Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles, Losing My Religion by William Lobdell, People in Glass Houses by Tanya Levin, The Fleecing of Christianity by Jackie Alnor, Thieves by Trey Smith. Leonard Ravenhill writes it well in Why Revival Tarries and America is Too Young to Die, Sodom Had No Bible and Tried and Transfigured along with his books on Prayer as so many Intercessors WHICH WE NEVER SEE THAT ROLE MODEL. Some Prophetic Woman gave me her list of intercessory prayer people and never had heard of most of them because PRAYER AND INTERCESSION WAS NOT IMPORTANT BUT DEAD METHODS AND PROGRAMS IN THE EVIL MOVEMENTS GREW UP IN AND PREYING ON THE PEOPLE instead of PRAYING for the people=so sad! THANK YOU for your post! Such a hatred and fear of women and NOT seeing them as Deborah, Jael and or Esther types. A SGM Survivor asked me what I learned in church and I came back and said all my years in church hmmm, absolutely NOTHING BUT HYMNS how sad is that, pretty sad also consider the assassins of their god highly homosexual and child molesting and habitual liars as the whole body of the fish stinks from the head. I was at a women’s conference April 1998 where the speaker addressed the good ol’ boy network in the church over 90 minutes of wonderful=Gatekeepers of his Glory! I was there to hear it all go wonderful and amazing. Thanks for reading.
    Hillsong exposure
    expose church abuse and child abuse (trafficking, slavery, prostitution and another sad item we will never, NEVER, never hear about in the news and or in any pulpit. Holiness, Righteousness, REPENTANCE, PRAYER, humility NOT modeled from any church sat under (the one guy who modeled it sold out to emulate one of the most evil pastors ever met and I’ve had warlocks in my office, can’t serve two masters, no kidding)
    in defense of the fatherless, widow, orphan, poor, homeless, single parents/their children, men, women and children, outcast and those in the grave that cannot speak for themselves (cemeterty was seminary training)!
    Numbers 6:24-26
    Psalms 27:4 (not before our time)
    and Psalms 24:all

    • Tim says:

      I don’t think most pastors and churches are more satanic than Christian. I think most are Spirit led and do the best they can just as you do the best you can.

  7. Trent says:

    Hi Tim,
    It is interesting that I have seen you comment on some of the same Reformed blogs as I do and when I turned egalitarian I see you a lot now!
    Thank you for your blog as I just discovered it through a Junia Project comment. Like you I am quite exhausted by complementarianism, especially this past year. Thanks to the rabid LGBTs, they have doubled down.

  8. Is there a way to contact you via email

  9. We added your site to our blogroll as a site to follow. Hope you don’t mind. We greatly value and highly recommend your insight. – the Mustangers

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