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Cara Meredith: “Everything I Ever Needed to Know in Parenting I Learned from Tim Fall” (a guest post)

[I begged Cara Meredith to write a guest post. She did, sending me something I never expected: a beautiful Thank You Note that made me blush. She is quite an encourager as you will soon see. Everyone should be Cara’s … Continue reading

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Aunt Tiz and the Lessons about Jesus

[I am pleased to host Jennifer Tidwell (whom you may know on Twitter as Dust Bunny Hostage). Today Jennifer tells the story of her Aunt Tiz, who gave Jennifer a fresh look at what it looks like to grow in … Continue reading

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Pilate’s Wife – a gospel woman worth remembering

Originally posted on Challenging Tertullian:
Let’s just say this: Too many women go unnamed in the Bible. You know what I mean? While it’s true that some men are not identified (the paralytic in Mark 2:1-12 comes to mind), it seems…

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Newsflash from our Canadian reporter: Less than six weeks after purchasing her Motorola 3G android phone, Kingston mother of two Jeannie Prinsen has admitted she seldom uses her new phone as an actual phone. “I upgraded from my old flip … Continue reading

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What God’s grace and baking (might) have in common – a guest post by Melody Young

[Melody Young, who is busier than anyone needs to be at the moment, agreed to make time to write a guest post for me after a brief Twitter exchange we had about baked goods.] *** A while ago I watched a cooking … Continue reading

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Choosing Words for 2016 – a guest post by Claudia Dahinden

[This post originally ran in German on Swiss writer Claudia Dahinden’s blog. She agreed to translate it for us here. After you’ve read this, please visit her English language blog too. Claudia comes up with marvelous ways of looking at … Continue reading

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The Right Teacher at the Right Time

[Today’s guest post on what it takes to teach is from Jeannie Prinsen, one of my favorite people to read on the internet. She’s taught writing and English for a long time now but here she reveals how it all … Continue reading

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Race, Marriage and Ministry – When the Church Got it Wrong, and How to Get it Right

[Today’s guest post is from Nancy Le. You can follow her on Twitter, but read her post here on race and the Church first!] Race, Culture and People Making Problems There’s a problem in the church for interracial couples. Add … Continue reading

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January: a Month in Online Dates

[Cara Strickland’s guest post today makes me glad in so many ways. I’m glad for her gifted story-telling, I’m glad she consented to write this up after I practically begged her to expand on her tweets about her January date-life, and … Continue reading

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When Women Speak, Men Ought To Listen

[I am so glad to host Laura Droege. She’s a wonderful writer who touches upon the vulnerabilities of life and the strength of faith, and I practically leapt out of my seat as I finished reading this piece she’s given us … Continue reading

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