Trying to Understand Where People Are Coming From Isn’t Easy, but It’s a Godly Pursuit

“Come, let us reason together,” says the Lord.

Isaiah 1:18

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2 Responses to Trying to Understand Where People Are Coming From Isn’t Easy, but It’s a Godly Pursuit

  1. Linn says:

    I really appreciate your comments this morning. i experience the reality of my friends who are all about stolen elections, the “patriots” who took over the Capitol, and how Jesus will never come if Trump, God’s anointed one, is not put back in office. Then, there is my professional environment where some think all kinds of interesting ideas regarding identity, marital relationships, how technology will “save” use, etc. I like good discussions, but shouting matches don’e work-I quietly walk away. But there is that old adage of “if you can’t do anything else, be kind.” There is never any problem with doing a favor, paying a complement, offering a smile…those small human gestures that most folks respond to positively. And, then, that wonderful opportunity for a real conversation opens up, where it’s possible to share opinions, find out why people believe as they do, and to actually share your own faith experience. My personal perspective at the moment is that people are really scared. Things they have always taken for granted (like a steady job, staying reasonably healthy, being able to move about unhindered) aren’t there anymore, and they need some reason to explain it all away, or to “fix” it. The conspiracy theories on both sides fill the hole very nicely.

    Also, the folks that were role models for such a long time from The Greatest Generation are fading away. They knew how to deal with the adversity of the Great Depression and WW2. My parents told me about all the deprivations at that time (my mom, especially, was extremely poor), but they also talked about the unexpected fun, the family togetherness, the neighbors who stepped up to help my grandmother (my mom’s mom) who was a widow with six kids at home, and the value of a dollar earned because both my parents took jobs from an early age. There’s a lot to learn about dealing with life when you. have role models who have endured hardship and come out triumphant on the other side.

  2. Mary Schneider says:

    It’s been a rough few days all the way around. I admire your dedication to trying to sort things out and give people a chance to show their best selves… Not everyone is going to take full advantage of that. That’s not on you. ❤

    Take care of yourself Tim.

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