Calling Low-Wage Workers “Twerps” Is a Horrible Way to Serve Jesus

Jesus said you can serve either God or money. Don’t choose money.

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3 Responses to Calling Low-Wage Workers “Twerps” Is a Horrible Way to Serve Jesus

  1. Mary Schneider says:

    Honestly, if it’s who I’m thinking it is, I’ve felt he looks down on low-wage workers and knows perfectly well his solutions only apply to those making more money. But hey, he’s making his buck, so who cares about minimum wage workers, right?

  2. Linn says:

    I grew up in a working class neighborhood, the child of two college-educated professionals. I was never allowed to look down on my neighbors. They were well-treated in my home, and my mother, who grew up very poor during the Depression, was especially insistent that manners and kindness were much more important than any amount of education. Fast forward 50 years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the classroom and at church with minimum-wage workers and their children. How they keep it together in Silicon Valley I will never know, but they love their children and want the same things for them my parents wanted for me. When I have been in their homes, they always offer me the best of what they have. At my church (a bilingual congregation), they are the first to volunteer for work and ministry projects, despite their grueling work schedules. When I have the opportunity to talk about helpful programs for their children’s education, they sign up. Most of “my” kids do well in remote learning because, no matter how small the living area, the parents know the kids need a spot and some support. They are also the ones on the front lines of the pandemic, stocking grocery shelves, cleaning hospitals and nursing homes, finishing construction jobs, driving for food delivery services. A large part of society would be non-functional without minimum wage workers. So sad for the person to whom you are referring to miss out on the wonderful opportunity to get to know these folks, many of whom may receive better rewards than his in heaven.

  3. TJ says:

    Yes, as a church custodian, I occasionally get treated with condescension, or even rudeness, by my fellow church attendees. I have a degree + lots of college credits with a really good GPA. I just enjoy the work I am doing, menial as some people see it. I am old enough to retire, but I am happy with my job. It does bother me when someone treats me like I am simple-minded.

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