Racism, Sexism, and the Ungodly Weaponizing of “Just Preach the Gospel”

Why are people quick to dismiss racism and sexism?

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1 Response to Racism, Sexism, and the Ungodly Weaponizing of “Just Preach the Gospel”

  1. tinafriesen says:

    Regarding the comments you found disturbing… “Just preach the gospel that will change hearts and that will fix racism,” and,”Gender is irrelevant so why are you making a big deal of it?” (the response given to “Why are the conferences always all men?”) I’ll begin with the latter, given that I am a woman who has attended and spoken at such conferences. Yes, I spoke on marriage. I don’t take offense at the fact that men are the headline speakers. I don’t want “token” representation. I just don’t want women excluded just because they are women when they have the same qualifications. Maybe a little more effort could be put into finding competent women who have a message Christian leaders need to hear. And as to the first, although it is true that we need the gospel that changes hearts, and if merely hearing the gospel changed hearts then this would be sufficient. But it is too simplistic. The reason we have all of the Pauline letters is because the “saints” need educating. Change is a process over time, involving enlightenment.

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