Stress in the Courtroom: I Can Feel It in My Body

Work, school, wildfires, hurricanes, plus a pandemic. Stress is all over, and sometimes it’s all over me.

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3 Responses to Stress in the Courtroom: I Can Feel It in My Body

  1. Beth says:

    Thank you for this acknowledgement of how stress is a kind of current running beneath our everyday lives – from work to shopping to caring for others – at this time. It helps to know that someone else feels the stress embodied and works through the day as best as they can. It makes this place less lonely. It feels kind of heroic sometimes – just to make it through the day without sitting down, right where you are, and weeping. It helps to know that other people are working their own heroic journeys in their workplaces and communities and families. It helps, most of all, to know you are praying. Me, too. And I pray for you, grateful for your quiet witness as you follow Christ in this time.

  2. h. renell says:

    I know this does not compare to a full fledged jury trial, but here is my two cents worth. I received a traffic ticket in Oregon for careless driving, and was not, so I fought it. In Oregon, you can do a traffic ticket trial by mail instead of a courthouse trial. Since I think better on paper, and had to represent myself, I chose this instead of in the courtroom. This was during the first part of the lockdown. I did turn in my disposition – is this the correct terminology? – in person in the courthouse, then received my ruling by mail. I did win this one, through the grace of God.

    Praying for you and all of us that the stress gets better. Blessings!

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