Rancorous People Aren’t of God

Online interactions can be conversational or confrontational. I’d rather go with the first one. Some people seem bent on the second.

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3 Responses to Rancorous People Aren’t of God

  1. Linn says:

    Such a timely word! I have muted a few friends on Facebook because I just don’t want to get in a fight. I can always go back and check on them and “like” the grandchildren photos or the funny pet meme. I think people are tired of being cooped up, scared, and find that they can use this wonderful outlet called the internet where there they can vent, be aggressive, and think that they are the authority on all things. It reminds me a bit of the book of Judges, except now everyones opines all of their thoughts that are right in their own eyes. I love a good discussion, but I don’t like being yelled at.

  2. i have found t among christians who support patriarchy, some are very beligerant, rude and hateful to those who support egalitarianism….they call names and accuse those who do not agree wholeheartedly of being rebellious against god, even of being satanic if they say a woman can be a preacher…. they even say you are not saved….this is no matter how peaceful and respectful you approach them. Could they the distant offspring of those Pharisees who hated Jesus because he healed a woman on the sabbath? Was it because he healed on the Sabbath or because the one getting healing was a lowly woman?

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