‪Losing Control in a World of Unrest‬

If you’re feeling out of control, it might be for very good reason. Same goes for people around you who may be acting uncharacteristically harsh or frantic.

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3 Responses to ‪Losing Control in a World of Unrest‬

  1. MomKB says:

    This was exactly what I needed to hear today.

  2. So, true confession time: I went to go into a store last week and was turned away because I didn’t have a mask. I said, “Oh” and went to turn away when the lady at the door said, “It’s posted on the door that you have to have a mask on to come in!” (I’m sure that it was, but there were also a lot of other signs on the door and I didn’t notice that one.) Now here’s the awful part: before I realized what I was doing, I stuck my thumb in my cheek, waggled my fingers at her and stuck out my tongue!!! Horrified and ashamed, I left the store and don’t feel like I will be able to show my face there again, even when it is covered by a mask. Sigh. Thank you for this post, it helps me forgive myself. Maureen

    • Tim says:

      You probably have them a welcome change of conversation. It might feel mortifying to go back but I bet a smile and kind word from you to the people who work there as you shop will do the trick.

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