‪Trial Courts and Christian Denominations Have Much in Common‬

Differences among and between Christians should not prevent true worship and fellowship in the Spirit of a Christ.

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1 Response to ‪Trial Courts and Christian Denominations Have Much in Common‬

  1. interesting points you make that christians have differences through their denominations and that they are not wrong—and i agree with you 100%—

    i am bumfuzzled about the hatred and vitriol that some chrisitans have towards other christians who do not hold the same exact views.

    like a judicial system some christians have passed judgement on me for holding the view of egalitarianism over patriarchy or complementarian teachings….my judges have called me satanist feminist, accused me of hating scripture and paul and not obeying my husband and most recently a blasphemous LIAR for sharing the knowledge that i have learned from researching articles on egalitarianism written by from those who have spent years learning the languages, history and cultures of the bible.

    thank you for being a voice of calm and common sense and gentleness in the “male”strom of christian religion.

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