Church Reopening? The Point is Not Government Shutdowns, but How to Keep Members Safe and Healthy in a Pandemic

‪I’m not social distancing because the government ordered it. I’m social distancing because I love people and don’t want to take part in practices that put them and me at risk. ‬

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4 Responses to Church Reopening? The Point is Not Government Shutdowns, but How to Keep Members Safe and Healthy in a Pandemic

  1. Linn says:

    Parts of the Bay Area are still in lockdown, pretty much (it’s okay to golf and play tennis!). My pastor posted a video on the church web site saying that we will remain closed until the local authorities say we can open. Our elders and pastoral staff decided that churches are not a special target of closure (which would be a totally different situation), but lumped in with all the other places that host large group gatherings (schools, theaters, arenas…). Plus, it’s the loving thing to do so that others do not get sick. I appreciated the good explanation and their conviction to do the right thing. Also, I think those that argue that if Home Depots can be open, why can’t churches be open are missing the point: people in Home Depot are moving around, not seated all in one place, very close together, talking, singing, and shaking hands.

  2. Tuija says:

    So well said, Tim. I agree with you.

  3. Richard Ramsey says:

    Thank you for a scriptural and reasonable approach to a difficult topic.

  4. i find it interesting that different states are doing different things, even different countries….Sweden did not do lockdown because they did not want to cripple their economy but they took special consideration with those at risk. Wyoming and S. Dak did not shut down but left it up to their people to come up with creative guidelines….in Texas, teachers had a car parade w/ honking horns and balloons down to celebrate a student birthday but teachers doing the same thing in N. Jersey got arrested.
    my husband cannot wear a mask because bacteria thrive in the warm moist area inside a mask and with asthma he risks more problems than covid….i do not wear a mask because i have to build my immune system since cancer surgery and a mask would prevent that.
    I see these events very similar to how christians take the bible….very differently depending on the church and belief.
    there has to be a right way—yes? no? maybe?

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