Playing ‘Possum in a Pandemic

Our golden retriever cornered a possum. Don’t worry; this story has a happy ending. It also has a lesson for enduring a pandemic.

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3 Responses to Playing ‘Possum in a Pandemic

  1. Linn says:

    HI, Tim-It will be a different world when this is over, and those adjustments might be just as scary for us as the pandemic has been. But, I know God will be in the details, and will give His children wisdom to navigate the “new normal.” Even with all of the craziness of the lockdown, I have met new neighbors on my walks, learned new things about my students, and acquired some new skills.The one really hard thing was having to put my 18 year old cat to sleep. Since I live alone, she was really important to not feeling so “alone.” Yesterday a friend who fosters ferals for adoption asked me if I could take one of hers. Yes, of course. The little kitty is going to be dropped this afternoon. A big dose of God’s care and mercy during a crazy time.

  2. grandby2 says:

    Tim as a fellow animal lover.
    So sad about your cat, my twin just had to put down her dog? Am currently reading “A Big Little Lie, – Dean Koontz
    Happy book about his Golden named Trixie. I am laughing out
    loud at their mutual love.
    Using Kindle connected to local library to read books for free.

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