False and Firm Foundations in a Pandemic

The floor, the lawn, the patio … all needed replacing in order to make our foundation firm. God promises a firm foundation for your life, as well:

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3 Responses to False and Firm Foundations in a Pandemic

  1. realchange4u says:

    Yes amen. Good word Tim.

  2. Joyce/EM says:

    What an awesome example of God’s work in our lives. Thank you.

  3. Linn says:

    Hi, Tim–here’s my example from this week. I dropped my cat off at the vet Thursday morning (curbside, of course), and then my car wouldn’t start! So, a jump from roadside assistance, a trip over to the dealer, and my starter was out (along with some other things). I’m often paralyzed with fear when something major happens that upsets all of my routines (I’m as bad as my cat in that respect). So, God often has to “start” me with His Word, a good kick in the pants from a friend, or just the realization that life goes on (laundry, the never-ending hunt for TP, working from home). My fear has been gradually turning to thankfulness for all of HIs mercies, and I’m functioning.

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