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Too Blessed to Be Stressed? Ha! I’m Plenty Stressed in This Pandemic

Stress, cares, sleepless nights? Me, too, so you’re not alone. Jesus had cares and sleepless nights as well, and knows what you’re going through. This is completely normal:

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‪If the Earth is the Lord’s, Why Would We Have a Pandemic: a brief reflection on Psalm 24 and COVID-19‬

God cares about everyone and everything in all creation, including you (plus there’s a camel joke):

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‪Comfort and Hope in the Griefs of a Pandemic‬

Grief comes from many sources. You might be experiencing it during this pandemic even if you think you have nothing to grieve. Grief is like that. My thoughts on grief and comfort rely on scripture, plus some insights from Carolyn … Continue reading

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Once This Pandemic Is Over, Can I Still Wear My Pajamas to Church?

Have you found new ways of doing things, ways that might work well even after this pandemic is over? Keep on going. Jesus is with you every step of the way. You will get through this.

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‪Church Service Pajama Parties in a Pandemic‬

Video church services during a pandemic means no one can see you in your pajamas on the couch, nestling your cup of coffee or morning smoothie in your hands.

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Darkness and Frogs: God Is With Us, Not Against Us in This Pandemic

God isn’t punishing anyone in this pandemic, no matter how much darkness and how many frogs surround you.

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Of Frogs, Songbirds, and Much That is Fair in a Pandemic

In going through uncertain times, it’s good to have glimpses of beauty and to remember the One who creates the beauty we enjoy even in a pandemic.

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Mapping Out a Course Through a Pandemic: Jesus, Scripture and Prayer

What can a couple of old maps tell us about making it through a pandemic? Plenty, if we remember Jesus, scripture, and prayer.

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost in a Pandemic: me on the dawn patrol

Some thoughts about darkness, dawn, and the coming of a king in pandemic times.

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Good Morning, Good Morning, It’s Great to Isolate (with apologies to Debbie Reynolds and the boys)

I decided to rewrite the lyrics of a song from Singing in the Rain. Please don’t despise me. And good morning to you.

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