Coming Alongside People from a Distance in a Pandemic

What forms can comfort take in a time of social distancing? Whatever form it takes, comfort is something everyone needs.

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3 Responses to Coming Alongside People from a Distance in a Pandemic

  1. Hi Tim!

    Your video message was first time Hearing my judge friend from the West Coast. So glad to see and hear from you! Right now my private clients can’t see me and I’m doing telehealth assessments for the Hospice contracting my services. I do offer online counseling, but my private clients are in-person visit kind of people. This year started out strong financially for my practice, but the COVID 19 virus is probably going to negate that. Tomorrow is the start of my 3rd year in private practice pastoral counseling, But it was God who invited me to be at the helm of this Home visit counseling practice and first in the nation PRN (as needed) Chaplain Services for Healthcare. So, if it was God who called me to this, I am intentionally choosing to trust that God will sustain and God will continue to prosper my practice as long as I am keeping within His will. What else can I do but trust and I feel an inner calm that can only be described as otherworldly. Of course this is not easy all the time and sometimes I am not all that composed, but I’m human, with human emotions and feelings. Sometimes, teachers, preachers and our closest kin or friend are about as helpful as Job’s “friends”- more like frenemies. They eschew humanness for a completely unreal, unbiblical view of what a Christian looks like-never sad, angry, troubled or sick. They will be the first to accuse you of not having enough faith, or praying enough, or harboring some secret sin. Avoid these people, they are toxic people and a blight to the very soul of the fully human, not God, average everyday Christian. In Romans, Paul shares his frustration with temptation, and the perhaps the most famous Christ-follower blunder ever was Peter’s thrice denial of Jesus. And the most amazing event after Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is Jesus’ making this one-time Christ denier into the leader of His Church. So I will have my days unapologetically as a human being, but my ultimate response when the dust settles will, in the end, be trust in the One who is faithful and a promise keeper.

    What are you doing now Tim. Are court cases on hold with the shelter in place orders or are you doing “telejustice administration? What are the challenges you are facing at this time and what do you need prayer regarding? I would ask that you pray for me to hold fast to that trust and help my husband to do the same. He is more of an agnostic due to early experiences with the church.


    • Tim says:

      I’m praying for you and your clients who need you so much at this time, Carlene.

      I talked about the courthouse a few days ago on one of these videos posted on the blog. The short version is we’re doing drastically reduced number of hearings, and almost everyone is appearing by video or telephone.

    • Tim says:

      Here’s a link:

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