Different, Maybe Better, Maybe Not, in a Pandemic

Does anything look normal any longer? Will normal look the same when the pandemic passes? Let’s talk about how things are right now:

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2 Responses to Different, Maybe Better, Maybe Not, in a Pandemic

  1. Linn says:

    Good morning! My sweet discovery has been people checking in on me because they know I live alone (with my cat). It has led me to check in on some of my solitary friends, and I know the mutual encouragement is helpful. My NextDoor feed has a group of volunteers available to help shut-ins and seniors, which I have found encouraging. If someone posts they need something and where to find it, posters often volunteer some of their own stash or to pick some up. It’s reminiscent of some of mom’s stories about the Depression (now passed, but she was born in ’35). Grandma was a widow with six kids at home (my mom lost her dad at 6 months old). My grandmother worked hard, and life wasn’t rich, but they always had enough, often because a neighbor had something “extra” they could have kept for themselves.

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