Sunday Blessings in a Time of Pandemic

A few thoughts on Sunday church services, helping others, and looking for blessings.

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3 Responses to Sunday Blessings in a Time of Pandemic

  1. i do not know how many are aware of a program that the USDA under pressure from factory farms that tried to become law back in 2006—called national animal id system NAIS—it would have put more govt surveillance on livestock owners than on drug dealers, child molesters or other real criminals —

    it was based on the idea of protecting us and meat animals from animal disease such as mad cow and here is how it worked—
    EVERYONE who owned even one cow, pig, horse, goat, chicken, parakeet, farmed fish and other named species were urged by a certain date in june 2006 to do the following —
    1-register their premises with the govt (which in the fine print made the owner little more than a renter, giving up property rights)
    2- every animal was to get a microchip tag that could be read with a scanner (chickens peck at everything)
    3. file a report on every birth, death, sale, movement of animals off the property or if animals escaped and came in contact with other animals within 24 hours or face fines ( in the early part of the program every trail ride)
    4. if disease suspected every animal in a 6 mile radius could be put to sleep–that means animals that never came in contact with others in 144 sq miles could be killed….

    factory farms were exempt from all these rules—basically because i told the govt everywhere i went with my horse, foreign buyers of american beef would be safe from disease….of course you can see the idiocy of that reasoning.

    Older livestock owners -such as myself- who were raised during the cold war recognized the govt attempt to take ownership and control over all livestock and give all market advantage to factory farmers owned by big comglomerations such Cargill…..even though there are tried and true rules in place to prevent and control animal disease and transportation…

    i went to information meetings where vets would try to answer questions which all they said was “we do not know but sign up anyway” would you buy a car like that? and when i went to speak against it at one of these meetings they shut me up very fast…i thought i was in communist russia—-NONE signed up and it was that way all over the US….it was the war for freedom that very few heard of unless like me you were on the front lines…i made call after call to my elected offal and they mostly put me off. but with the animal owners saying a big NOOOOO NEVER it failed and went away…but like a snake under a rock it is coming back under another name……

    I call it the war for freedom you never heard of and I hope all readers understand why I remain skeptical to all the events surrounding this disease.

    • Tim says:

      It sounds like you’re saying someone proposed something that did not pass muster and never became law. That happens every day. Someone says they have an idea, other people say no, and the idea goes nowhere. That’s not a conspiracy.

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