Running for Judge: Campaigning on the Trail of Despair, Deliverance, and Overwhelming Success

My memoir Running for Judge: Campaigning on the Trail of Despair, Deliverance, and Overwhelming Success is now available from Wipf and Stock Publishers. Whether you’re curious about what it’s like to be a judge, enjoy politics and campaign stories, need encouragement in handling weighty responsibilities, or perhaps know someone who needs to hear that faith and anxiety are not mutually exclusive, my story is here for you. Excerpted from the preface:

Judges, as much as anyone else, carry huge responsibilities. I am living proof that anxiety and depression do not disqualify one from carrying out those responsibilities. My experience also proves that these are not to be carried alone. Faith, family, friends and good medical care are part of the process for addressing mental illness.

If you battle mental illness or know someone who does (and you do, statistics show), others may try to convince you that mental illnesses like depression and anxiety are all in your head. I suggest you tell them this: “Of course mental illness is all in your head. And a heart attack is all in your chest. Go see a doctor either way.”

That’s what I tell people, and after you read this book you might feel better able to tell them that yourself.


Aimee Byrd’s endorsement:

I love how Tim Fall weaves together life as a judge, husband, father, and community-man of faith with a stressful event that triggered his anxiety disorder. Many of us can identify with trying to balance our lives and passions when uninvited chaos threatens them. Tim gets personal and practical about his suffering, while keeping his sense of humor. In this delightful memoir, Tim addresses anxiety head on, along with the stigmas attached to it, and shares valuable lessons learned along the way.

Aimee Byrd, author of No Little Women and Why Can’t We Be Friends?


From the conclusion of Renee Branson’s foreword to the book:

Tim brings his personal account of anxiety out of the dark corners in a way that is moving, hopeful, and yes, resilient. He illustrates how he not only survives with anxiety, but thrives with it, using the lessons it has taught him to expand his compassion, empathy, and ability to serve justice. He wants to light a path for others so that they might cultivate their own resilience. It is my belief that by his testimony, in a faith-based and justice-based sense, others will be encouraged and uplifted to own their own stories and embrace a practice of well-being as well.

Renee Branson, MA, CReC
RB Consulting, LLC


Running for Judge is currently (as of February 20, 2020) available for 20% off the list price when ordered directly from the publisher. The order page also has links for those asking about review copies or classroom texts.

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