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On Not Missing My Father: a free e-book on the relief of a parent’s death

My father died after a lengthy period where I was the one responsible for his well-being. The short e-book ON NOT MISSING MY FATHER: The Relief of a Parent’s Death goes into our relationship–which was good–and the utter relief and release … Continue reading

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Joseph’s Pregnant Expectations: an advent tale

[We are in the midst of Advent, the time of expectation, so I offer this post from the archives imagining what that first Advent must have been like for Joseph.] *** I didn’t get any sleep last night. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Advent, Wilderness Times, and God’s Comfort

Isaiah delivered God’s promise of his comforting presence, and now in Advent we anticipate celebrating the fulfillment of that promise in Jesus’ birth. May the Spirit who dwells within you lift you up whether this is a wilderness time or … Continue reading

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