All Sins Are Not Born Equal

A Christian with a huge Twitter following quoted his friend saying “Once we realize that we’re all equally awful and equally loved everything changes.”

That’s not what the Bible says.

The Bible does not say all people are equally awful. It says no one is righteous and everyone has sinned. (Romans 3:10 and 3:23.) This doesn’t mean all sins are equal. It does mean that any sin is a disqualification from righteousness.

As for love, the Bible says God is love. (1 John 4:8.) Since God is infinite, I’ll go along with limitless love. (Romans 8:38-39.) It also says God became human because “God so loved the world” and he gives eternal life to “whoever believes in him.” (John 3:16.)

So the concept of being equally loved is actually subsumed by the fact that God’s love is infinite. Great news.

But equally awful? That’s just not true. Equally undeserving, perhaps. That concept has biblical support. Equal awfulness does not. It’s unscriptural hogwash.

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8 Responses to All Sins Are Not Born Equal

  1. Opa Bear says:

    An excellent point, Tim! Right spot on.

  2. Anu Riley says:

    I tend to see it as all of humanity being “stuck” in the same mud pile (aka sin)

    But not everyone’s feet are as FAR stuck and sunk in that mud. Some are stuck deeper. Others are not as deeply stuck.

    The solution, however is the same, no matter how deep or shallow you are stuck. There is only one Savior who did and can rescue each and every one of us.

    When I met the Lord, I was pretty dang stuck. My sins put me there. It took a lot of pulling to pull me out, and to cleanse me from all that mud that had clung to me for so long.

    That doesn’t mean I was beyond hope or help. But it was hard work. And being stuck as far down as I was did me no favors. That’s a lot of mud, and I kept wanting to go “back” to that mud—-it was all I had ever known.

    If it makes others feel “better” if they aren’t as stuck as far down as I was, run with it if you must. If you don’t know what it’s like to feel nearly buried alive by all that mud, I am glad for you. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    But you’ll also never know the kind of intimacy that comes when not only Someone has pity on you, despite how much low you’ve sunk, rescues you, AND painstakingly cleans you up.

    THEN He forgives you of your previous self-inflicted state of being, gives you a clean robe, calls you His child, and asks you to call Him your Father.

    Throw in there that I HAVE gotten more mud on me even after all of that. And He kept pulling me out, pulling me to Him and cleaning me up, over and over again.

    Now, I did not WANT more closeness to Him by getting more and more mud on me. Before OR after I met Him. Unfortunately, I did not leave behind my foolishness in that mud pile; it came right along with me.

    Now I can look at those who are STILL stuck in that mud and in desperate need of Him, and understand their plight, because it mirrors my own. I don’t care if their sins are more or less than mine, worse or not than mine. It sucks to be stuck in that mud no matter what your individual experiences are.

  3. Laura says:

    Good differentiation of words/ideas, Tim. I can see the broad point the tweet was trying to make, but it needs to be flushed out. But tweets aren’t really made for that. When you condense to a sentence, nuance can get lost. The author of the tweet could very well agree with your flushing out. Or maybe not!

  4. Headless Unicorn Guy says:

    It’s just the levelling-down version of Sin Levelling.

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