Rachel Held Evans, Biblical Womanhood, and Diligent Interpretation of Scripture

Rachel Held Evans passed away May 4, 2019. This is my favorite photo from her blog, and the quote I pulled from that blog post to add to the photo reflects one of my favorite things about her: she challenged people to read the Bible and read it well in order to understand who God is and what it means to have faith in God and live in that faith.

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6 Responses to Rachel Held Evans, Biblical Womanhood, and Diligent Interpretation of Scripture

  1. Jeannie Prinsen says:

    Thanks for writing about Rachel, Tim. I feel so heartbroken at her death. Such a loss for her family! And the world has lost a great writer. Her books were so full of honesty, humour, and humility, and she encouraged all of us to engage more deeply with the Bible.

  2. Angie Sanderson says:

    This loss is hard to come to grips with. It’s something how the death of someone you never knew in real life can impact you.

  3. David Evans says:

    I only recently heard about Rachel in the past couple of days, after her death, and feel infinity sad that it took her death for me to become aware of her. I spent today reading about her and reading her book Faith Unraveled – her work was courageous, vulnerable and extraordinary, and her death is a huge loss.
    I think she’ll reach and impact so many through her death like me, who have never heard of her until now, and she’ll continue to have a positive, helpful impact on the world she left behind.

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