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Patriotism Is Not Even Close To Being The Highest Virtue

Soon after I became a Christian I had a conversation with a youth pastor. July Fourth was coming up and he said that he thought patriotism was very Godly. I asked, “What about citizens in Nazi Germany?” “Ummm … so maybe not … Continue reading

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The Garbage We Say to Survivors

[Today’s guest post on abuse and surviving is from Cyndie Randall.] Think of a man you know and trust. A person you love or admire. A person with whom you feel comfortable. Comfortable enough to hug, even. Maybe you look … Continue reading

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Getting Schooled by My Wife on Teacher Appreciation Day

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, and since my wife’s a teacher I figured I’d tell you how she’s schooled me over the years. Here’s what I know about teachers: ***  

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Rachel Held Evans, Biblical Womanhood, and Diligent Interpretation of Scripture

Rachel Held Evans passed away May 4, 2019. This is my favorite photo from her blog, and the quote I pulled from that blog post to add to the photo reflects one of my favorite things about her: she challenged … Continue reading

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