A Trial Court Judge Talks of Faith and Grace

What’s it like to be a trial court judge, exercise faith, and live in grace? Lauren Larkin and I talk about this and more on her podcast Sancta Colloquia today. Here’s an excerpt from her introduction. You can click through to listen in on our conversation. Lauren’s a good interviewer who got me to say more than I even knew I had to say about all this.

“What I found out from my conversation with Tim is that it is important to maintain the distinction between the Law and the Gospel. One needs to let the law of the court and of society operate as the law and being detached here is key. Tim told me, wisely, that a judge is not in the role to be judging the personhood of the person, and it’s this that Tim carries with him to the bench. A good judge keeps control and remains open …” [click here for the podcast]


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