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I Don’t Read the Bible to Please God

Motivation is odd. Something I find compelling would be a complete bore to someone else. I might say “I like to do this because …” and someone else might respond “I don’t care about either of those things.” One person’s … Continue reading

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When Women Are Silenced the Men Will Fail – a lesson learned from SWBTS and Paige Patterson

One of the most basic principles in the courtroom is due process, which at its core provides notice and an opportunity to be heard. Everyone appearing for a hearing or trial is entitled to notice of what is at issue … Continue reading

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Abuse Is Wrong Because Women Are People, Not Because You Have Daughters

CBE International hosts my post on women and men relating to each other in God’s family today. Here’s an excerpt, and you can click over to read the rest. Christian leaders will often appeal to men’s sense of responsibility for … Continue reading

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Forgiveness For Unconfessed Sin – a forever gift for God’s people

Forgiveness for sin is an ancient concept, dating back thousands of years. The Israelites found that God was not only willing to forgive them but that he would be generous in doing so. All they had to do was acknowledge … Continue reading

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Rooting Out the Gossip Supporting the Billy Graham Rule

A few weeks ago in an online exchange about the Billy Graham Rule (a man must never meet alone with a woman, whether in private or in public), two pastors gave a perspective that grieved me deeply. They did not … Continue reading

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Harem Building – the revealing patriarchy at Paige Patterson’s seminary

There are men who preach that women are made by God to be subordinate to men in all matters – home or church, work or play. Some of these men run seminaries where they teach other men the same, and … Continue reading

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Beth Moore’s Letter Draws Fire From a Man Writing Without Substance

Jesus said that those who abide in him will bear good fruit. (John 15.) I sometimes consider that when I see how two people address the same point. It came up the other day with Beth Moore and Seth Dunn. … Continue reading

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