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Reformation Day Humor in Wittenberg

Everyone who gets this joke wins the Internet. All of it. Happy Reformation Day. ***

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Christians Celebrating Halloween Is Fine by Me

[From the archives.] Tom Burns and his daughter pair up for Halloween costumes every year. As he wrote on his blog, this year she was unsure if her choice was all right so she asked her dad, “Do you think … Continue reading

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Giving Someone a Hearing Takes More than Just Listening

[Updated from the archives.] In To Have and Have Not Humphrey Bogart (playing Harry Morgan) is a fishing boat captain on a small Caribbean island, while Lauren Bacall (Marie) is an American stuck there with no way back to the … Continue reading

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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Is Very Gospelly

When Patrick Henry addressed the leadership of Virginia and urged sending troops to fight in the war for independence from England, he played on a theme urged 2000 years earlier by a little-known Jewish teacher from Galilee in his first … Continue reading

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Bullies and the Love of God

[From the archives.] *** Bullying is bad. I should know. You probably think I’m about to go into a story from my childhood about how I was bullied. Well, I could. But I’m not going to. You see, while it’s true … Continue reading

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The Works of Faith Are Not Your Job

When you seek to do good, what do you rely on? Do you try to be strong enough, wise enough or wealthy enough? The Bible says that our works for God do not originate in ourselves: not in our resources, … Continue reading

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My Gluttony, My Gut

If you look at the classical list of Seven Deadly Sins you’ll find: Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony Most people would agree that those items belong on that list, at least to one degree or another. Aren’t … Continue reading

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Your Works Are Not Your Holiness – a response to John Piper’s problems with faith

The problem with John Piper not leaving well enough alone In an article published last month, John Piper states: The only kind of faith that counts for justification is the kind that produces love — the kind that bears the … Continue reading

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Defining the Relationship – when DTRs meet faith

[From the archives.] Where Love Exists My son and daughter are both in college, so I hear a lot about relationships*. It’s not so much romance, but more about friendships and roommates. It might also be about their friends’ and … Continue reading

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Dear Mega-Twitterer: there’s a reason I didn’t follow you back

[An archived post exploring the question* of whether meaningful conversation of any sort, even brief, can occur on Twitter.] *** Dear person who follows 140,980** people on Twitter and decided to make me number 140,981. I appreciate you choosing to … Continue reading

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