Achieving Peace Is Not the End of the Matter

[I have a guest post at Jeannie Prinsen’s blog today. Here’s the opening, along with a link to the full post at her blog Little House on the Circle.]

We don’t use the phrase “public servant” much these days but the concept behind it is as old as the first community that ever gathered together for mutual support, aid and society. As a trial court judge, this quote reminds me of what that means for the public I serve.

“It is at all times proper that misunderstanding between the public and the public servant should be avoided.” Abraham Lincoln, September 1863

A retired judge once advised me in handling courthouse administration, “I’ve found that more communication is almost always better than less.” And in following his advice I’ve found in turn that more communication works well not only in my courtroom, but also with my colleagues, my community, and in my personal life. There are times when judges are barred from disclosure but …

[Click over to Jeannie’s place to read the rest of my post, and while you’re there be sure to check out Jeannie’s wonderful writing.]


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