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Caring about Climate Change is Biblical

[Updated from the archives.] Denial of Overwhelming Evidence According to a report on NPR: Academies of science around the world agree that climate change is real and caused largely by burning fossil fuels. So do many professional scientific organizations. Polls … Continue reading

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Running the Good Race Is Contagious

My wife and I use an app that tracks our workouts, including our runs. It has GPS and can map the route taken, and at the end it not only tells us the distance but the time and pace. Input … Continue reading

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The Bible Encourages Women Who Work Outside the Home

A recent report by Ashley C. Ford for Refinery21 notes that in a significant number of domestic relationships between women and men (married or unmarried) the woman earns more than the man. This is creating tension, according to an article … Continue reading

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What Religion Really Is, and Why It’s Good


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Hitting Slave Owners in the Wallet – why the Emancipation Proclamation was lawful and proper

[From the archives.] In the Emancipation Proclamation, President Abraham Lincoln ordered that all slaves in Confederate controlled areas were set free. Some say Lincoln overstepped his presidential authority, arguing that slavery was allowed under the U.S. Constitution. They’re wrong. One … Continue reading

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People of Other Doctrines – the new drunkards and gluttons

A friend sent me an email saying she’d started getting criticism from those in her blogging circles. The criticism? She was perceived as interacting too much with me on line. I was not proper company for her to keep. The … Continue reading

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Two Aspects of Easter

[From the archives.] Easter, part one: The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come … Continue reading

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The Carpenter and the Cross – Good Friday’s blessed irony

[From the archives, a blessed irony.] God became a carpenter who worked with wood and nails, and was then nailed to two pieces of wood. Yet he knew this gruesome irony before time began and submitted to it just the same. … Continue reading

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The Last Supper: lessons of love for the Apostles and you

[From the archives, a look at lessons Jesus taught before and after Easter Sunday.] Getting Personal John paints a portrait of Jesus in words of love. Not so much about John’s love for his Savior, but words of his Savior’s love … Continue reading

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Billy Graham’s Rule – misusing it to hold back women and men of God

[Kelly Ladd Bishop writes today’s guest post on a well known rule, and how it (like rules generally) gets in the way of people following God and doing the work he’s called them to do.] *** Recently a reporter noted … Continue reading

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