5 Easy Steps to Reading the Bible Literally

If you haven’t done the above, you’ve never read the Bible literally. You can still read it literarily, which is much better.

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14 Responses to 5 Easy Steps to Reading the Bible Literally

  1. Pastor Bob says:

    I think I understand.

  2. Gary says:

    Only poorly informed fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist atheists believe that the Bible should be read and understood literally.


  3. Gary Shogren says:

    Interesting point, but basically fallacious!

    Requiring that your opponent fulfill impossible requirements – and they are impossible – and they if they cannot, they YOUR opinion must be the right one not one of these requirements! The idea that, “Unless my opponent is all-knowing, then he/she must concede that I am right” is Fallacious Reasoning 101. Especially when you yourself do not, cannot, base your viewpoint on having fulfilled the requirements you insist your opponents have.

    You make an interesting and useful point, but your way of expressing it you talked me out of taking it seriously!

    • Gary Shogren says:

      Sorry for the typos. I came to your site, btw, because people are circulating this meme in FB.

    • Tim says:

      It was hyperbole, meant to show that those claiming a literal reading of the Bible is best don’t really have the tools to do so.

      • Gary Shogren says:

        No, I thought it was probably hyperbole or irony. But by the same measure, neither do you have the tools to claim that a literal reading should NOT be preferred, correct? Maybe you have studied history and the biblical languages A LOT more than I have!

        Even on an ironic level, it is too close for comfort to the “gotcha” argument that YEC’s use against evolutionists: “Were YOU there?” No, that’s impossible! “Do YOU have all historical and linguistic knowledge?” Of course they don’t! Requiring that your opponent have unattainable knowledge before they are permitted to present their viewpoint, well, it’s hyperbolic I guess, but sometimes hyperbole backfires on the user. Were I disposed to disagree with you, I could tell myself that I needn’t to take your point seriously.

        But thanks, blessings! Gary

  4. Gary Shogren says:

    No, but I have just now read it.

    No, I know what reading literarily means.

    I am taking your meme in its own context, literarily! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not critiquing reading literarily, I’m saying that “If you haven’t done the above, you’ve never read the Bible literally” comes across as more silly than helpful, due to its inbuilt fallacious argument, and given that any reader could just as sensibly reply, “If you haven’t done the above, you’ve never read the Bible LITERARILY either!”

  5. Gary Shogren says:

    Are you fluent in Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek, I wonder? Not being a wise guy, just curious as to your level.

  6. Gary Shogren says:

    I have looked over several of your posts, btw, thanks. If you want to visit me, I am also on wordpress, http://www.openoureyeslord.com in English, http://www.razondelaesperanza.com in Spanish.

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