The Patriarchist’s Guide to Studying the Women of the Bible


This list isn’t far off the mark. See: Silencing Women – the guaranteed way for men to stay in control.


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23 Responses to The Patriarchist’s Guide to Studying the Women of the Bible

  1. Riley says:

    And I’m guessing Jael had no business swinging a hammer…that’s man’s work.

  2. Lisa says:

    And Deborah didn’t really rule Israel, because she did not have the title of Queen. (No Queen ever ruled God’s nation, and any female leadership today is done by foolish and rebellious women possessed by the Jezebel spirit.) In fact, she upheld God’s design of hierarchy by remaining in the background and watching while Barack led the troops into battle.

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks Tim. Well done!

  4. Hannah should have let her husband decide whether to dedicate Samuel to the Temple.

    Paul should have sent a man to deliver the letter to the Romans instead of Phoebe.

    Jochebed and Miriam should have listened to Pharaoh (and so should Shiphrah and Puah, the Hebrew midwives) instead of disobeying him by hiding baby Moses in the bullrushes.

  5. roscuro says:

    Speaking of women and wielding hammers, the daughters of Shallum, the ruler of half of Jerusalem, should not have helped in rebuilding their section of wall (Nehemiah 3:12).

    Speaking of fathers with only daughters, the daughters of Zelophehad had no business going directly to Moses like that, they should have got their uncle or, if he had died as their father had done, their cousins, who after all, were eventually their chosen husbands (something also wrong with Moses saying they could marry whoever they chose within their clan), to speak to Moses for them – never mind the questionable idea of women receiving land grants in their own right, instead of just sharing their husbands’.

    My father is a father of daughters, so I always particularly notice the fathers of daughters in the Bible.

  6. So great! Love it! One more,
    We should never call God “El Roi” because a woman gave God that name–plus she wasn’t even a follower of YHWH!

  7. Jeannie Prinsen says:

    I will never hear that Luke 19 passage again without thinking about “boy rocks.” 😀

  8. Linda says:

    This list was great! Appreciate the females added by posters. l

  9. NJ says:

    One I’ve heard is, Hadassah (Esther) should have chosen death before allowing herself as an Israelite virgin to be taken into Ahasuerus’ harem.

  10. Cindi says:

    Rahab should have certainly turned the spies over to her king. Disobedient woman! And she lied to protect them.

    And Caleb’s daughter had no business asking for springs of water with the land he gave her. Ungrateful wretch!


  11. Simon N says:

    To be fair, many Christians do seem to have skipped over the Magnificat.

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